CGEC Customer Agreement for Use of Cell Lines

  1. Cells obtained from CGEC shall be used for research purposes only and are not intended for use in humans.
  2. The purchaser is responsible for obtaining a current and appropriate Biological Use Authorization (BUA) and IRB approval before ordering cells, as well as the pertinent training for the personnel who will be using the cells.
  3. Unless authorized by the CGEC, the cell lines and their progeny shall not be incorporated into any service or product for sale, or be distributed to a third party.
  4. Information contained on posted CGEC cell lines is for reference only. Cells obtained from commercial sources and propagated at the CGEC are not re-characterized upon passage. While all care and precautions are taken, cells may not be identical to their commercial counterparts.
  5. If available, specific passage number and culturing conditions can be provided at the time of order.