Genome engineering services

Custom research model generation includes custom genome-engineered cell lines and mouse models. We use CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing or Prime Editing to generate the needed knockin, knockout, or deletion model. Editing of any locus in any cell line is offered. Donor design and generation is also available.

We also offer the full range of gene targeting services in mouse ES cells, including genomic DNA extraction from 96-well plates, expansion of targeted ES cells, chromosome counts, preparation of ES cells for microinjection, generation of knockin and knockout mouse models, and the application of CRISPR technology. We welcome all UCSF investigators as well as external investigators.

Our standard services are listed below along with UC and affiliate rates. Have a unique project? Contact us and see how we can help. Initial consultation is available on the entire procedure for generating knockout mice. Note that all rates are subject to change at any time.

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Service Rate


We can assist with experimental design and protocol development.


Waived when consultation leads to a project

Cell-based functional test (guide validation)


The goal of this service is to identify the best-performing sgRNAs for your gene-editing experiment (ES cell or other cell line). We will electroporate 4 CRISPR/Cas9 constructs into matching cell lines (human or mouse) and analyze for efficiency via quantification of indels.



Plus cost of custom crRNA/sgRNAs

Pre-made Reagents (in-house sgRNAs)

Previously designed and validated sgRNAs, with pre-designed targeting vectors for targeting to safe harbor sites in human or mouse. Mouse H11 and Rosa26Sor, Human AAVS1 and H11 available. Others to be made upon request.


Custom Pass-through Reagents

The core can assist with ordering custom reagents (crRNA, donor constructs) from trusted third parties.


crRNA: $114.00/each

donor constructs: ~$0.29/base

Cell line targeting

Investigator’s targeting construct will be electroporated into cell line of choice by core personnel. We will generate monoclonal populations by dilution cloning, colony picking, or cell sorting, and screen for positive clones.


$3,215.00 (Estimate based on previous project costs, actual project cost may vary)

ES cell targeting  (feeder-independent)

Investigator’s targeting construct will be electroporated by core personnel. We have two feeder-independent ES cell lines, E14 (129-derived) and JM8A3.N1 (C57BL/6-derived) you can choose from. After drug selection for about one week, up to 300 colonies will be picked. When they are about to be confluent, we will split them as duplicate, one master plate to freeze for future expansion of positive clones and one plate for genotyping to identify targeted ES cell clones. Your plates for genotyping will be ready for pick-up 2-3 weeks after the electroporation date.


$6,160.00 (Estimate based on previous project costs, actual project cost may vary)

ES cell targeting (feeder-dependent)

We provide targeting in feeder-dependent ES cells such as PrxB6 (C57Bl/6-derived) or user-provided ES cell lines.
$8,441.00 (Estimate based on previous project costs, actual project cost may vary)

Expansion of targeted clones from core targeting (up to 5 clones)

ES cell projects: A maximum of 5 positive clones will be thawed from 96-well plates and expanded to 6-wells. We will freeze 5 vials (each about 1 million)/clone for future use and give you 1 vial-equivalent cells to validate your genotyping before injection. It takes about 10 days to expand and freeze down cells.

Other cell line projects: A maximum of 5 positive clones will be thawed and expanded to T75. We will freeze 5 vials and provide you 4 of them. The remaining vial will be used for QC and freezing of backup vials that will be stored at the core.

ES cell: $1,901.00



Other cell line:$1,200.00/ 40 clones

Expansion of ES cells from outside resources (per clone)

Investigators provide one vial of frozen ES cells with information about culture condition from original resource. We will revive, nurture, and refreeze ES cells (5 vials) when they are ready. In addition, we will give you 1~2 million cells for your genotyping verification.

Preparation for microinjection

Make an arrangement with transgenic injection core for microinjection date and let us know a week ahead of time. We will revive cells from one of your frozen vials, culture them daily (2~3 days), prepare them for injection, and deliver cells to the injection core.

Custom services

Custom gene editing services are also available in any cell line.

Based on labor and reagent costs