Cell culture and banking services

CGEC is your partner in research and can consult with you on your experimental design as well as provide a range of cell culture and banking services.

Cell lines

Many cell lines are owned by CGEC and are available for purchase for a nominal fee (frozen vial or flask of growing cells).

We offer an extensive collection of cell lines and can provide information on passage number and culture conditions for each. If what you need is not on our list, contact us as we add new lines frequently.

Cell culture

  • We can manage highly difficult primary cell lines, hybridomas for monoclonal antibody production, isolation of cells from tissue biopsy samples for iPS, and cloning of cell lines from mixed populations.
  • We can culture cells in a range of quantities, from a frozen vial to any size flask of growing cells (T-25 to roller bottle to multi-level tissue culture flask systems). 

Cell banking

We maintain an extensive on-campus cryogenic (ℓN 2) cell bank for the convenience of UCSF researchers.

  • Researchers can choose to store cells with us. We will manage the inventory and provenance. Vial storage fees are much lower than commercial services.
  • We are certified to ship cells to colleagues around the world.
  • To ensure that your cells are secure, the CGEC has placed Pacific Bio-Materials Tracking, in Fresno, on retainer as a back-up location in the event of a disaster. Having your master stock stored in more than one place reduces the likelihood of loss.

Liquid nitrogen freezer loaner program

Rent one of our spare liquid nitrogen freezers while your freezer is undergoing maintenance. Our large freezers (one each at Mission Bay and Parnassus locations) can hold nearly 20,000 vials while the small unit can hold nearly 3,000 vials. Labs are responsible for moving and cleaning the freezers when done and must provide the liquid nitrogen. The rate is $100/week for the large units and $15/week for the small unit. 

Quality control and STR validation

  • CGEC provides Endotoxin testing of your samples (LAL gel clot assay). If you require other tests, we will prepare, pack, and ship samples to the testing lab of your choice.
  • CGEC provides STR validation to ensure the authenticity of cell lines.

Media production

High quality media, buffers, and supplements for cell culture are available from the Media Production unit, along with formulations for commonly used media and custom media products.