Oaxacan Native American Cell Collection

While many researchers within and outside UCSF are trying to dissect the disproportionate toll of COVID-19 and other diseases in vulnerable communities, populations with Indigenous American ancestry are consistently and heavily under-represented in biomedical research. A new UCSF resource of genetic samples of participants from three Oaxacan indigenous tribes is thus invaluable to advancing genetic research in populations with Indigenous American ancestry (read a 2014 Science paper by Moreno-Estrada et al). Samples were voluntarily provided with informed consent. The samples will be accessible to all UCSF investigators with oversight provided by Esteban Burchard, MD, MPH and Elad Ziv, MD and their teams.

The CGEC has taken in the collection of B-cells and PBMCs generated by Dr. Cheryl Winkler at the NCI. With approval from Drs. Burchard and Ziv, UCSF researchers may request cell lines for use in research. 

To request cell lines, please refer to the following inventory and contact Drs. Burchard or Ziv.

Native American (Oaxacan) Cell Lines